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‘Dialogue on Namibia’s Past’ is our Online Dialogue Information Documentation Resource Platform about Namibia’s past.

‘Our’ includes you.
Our past shapes our lives and coexistence in the present. We need to understand and come to terms with it if we are to achieve our goal of national reconciliation and shape our future together.

Our platform wants to contribute to understanding and processing by

providing information about events for dialogue about the past,

listening to the media and artists,

giving the floor to organisations,

presenting a chronology of Namibia’s past

also taking a look at developments outside Namibia

giving you the opportunity to participate with comments and suggestions.

The guiding principle of our platform is “We Hear You”. Find out exactly what this means and who we are under ‘About us’ .

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Bley, Helmut (1971): South-West Africa Under German Rule

Bley, Helmut (1971): South-West Africa Under German Rule

Bley, Helmut: South-West Africa Under German Rule, 1894-1914, London 1971 (Translated from the original German version of 1968) Original German work: "Kolonialherrschaft und Sozialstruktur in Deutsch-Südwestafrika 1894-1914", Hamburg 1968...