Dialogue on Namibia’s Past – Background & Context

Here you will find a chronology of events from Namibia’s past as well as a timeline of historical events and moments of dialogue about the past in other countries.

A glossary explains terms related to history and dialogue about the past. A growing collection of quotations is intended to encourage a reappraisal of the common past – in the interest of a better common future.

Here you will find information about crucial events of Namibia’s past. Wherever possible, we included links to sources.

The colonialism of European states since the “discovery” of America by Christopher Columbus has affected all continents and almost all countries.

Here you will find definitions of key terms relating to history and the process of coming to terms with the past. Wherever possible, we have provided links to sources.

Here you will find famous and not so well-known quotes relating to Namibia’s past, history in general, and processing the past.