2024 January 13 – BBC: Israel says South Africa distorting the truth in ICJ genocide case

Screenshot BBC report Israeli government South Africa genocide case against Israel International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Israel says South Africa distorting the truth in ICJ genocide case

[Published 13 January 2024; ed.]

By Raffi Berg in London & Anna Holligan at The Hague, BBC News

Israel has said South Africa has distorted the truth in its case at the International Court of Justice, where it is accusing Israel of genocide.

South Africa had presented “a sweeping counter-factual description” of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Israeli lawyer Tal Becker told the ICJ.

South Africa says Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians in its war in Gaza.

It is also asking the court to order Israel to halt its military activity.

The ICJ is the United Nations’ highest court. Its rulings are theoretically legally binding on parties to the ICJ – which include Israel and South Africa – but are not enforceable.

Israel delivered its defence to the court a day after South Africa presented its case.



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