2020 June 04 – CNN: The George Floyd protests are sparking a surprising debate in black America

Screenshot CNN report George Floyd protests debate black US Americans USA

“The George Floyd protests are sparking a surprising debate in black America

By John Blake, CNN
8 minute read
Updated 4:21 PM EDT, Thu June 4, 2020

Omar Wasow is a researcher who works in a world of charts and data. But his analytical reserve cracked after watching a video of George Floyd dying while being arrested by police.

“I cried,” says Wasow, an assistant professor of politics at Princeton University. “I’m not without deep empathy for people’s anger. I feel that anger.”

His emotions, though, soon turned to unease when he saw some protests over Floyd’s death spiral into violence. It all seemed like a replay of the 1960s race riots, which he believes tipped the 1968 presidential election to Richard Nixon, who ran as a law-and-order candidate. (…)”

Subheadings in this report:

Some are arguing nonviolent protest has not worked for black people

Some argue we shouldn’t apply MLK’s [Martin Luther King, ed.] teachings to today’s black youth

Some wonder whether white allies are hurting the cause

Some argue violent protests will help Trump get re-elected

Some wonder if protests will ever change anything


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