FDN (2021-06-14): Response to Outcome of Genocide Negotiations

Screenshot press release 14 June 2021 Forum Deutschsprachiger Namibier FDN Forum of German-speaking Namibians on Joint Declaration Germany Namibia OvaHerero and Nama

Response to Outcome of Genocide Negotiations

Recent comments, discussions and press conferences notwithstanding, the management committee of the Forum of German-Speaking Namibians welcomes the news that negotiations between Namibia and Germany finally led to the acceptance of a joint bilateral agreement by the two heads of delegations, Namibian diplomat Dr Zed Ngavirue and former German MP Ruprecht Polenz.

We empathise with and feel the pain and suffering that were endured during the atrocious actions which Germany is now willing to call genocide, and we welcome the fact that an official apology will be tendered by its highest office-bearer, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to the affected communities and the Namibian people. We also welcome Germany’s commitment to financial compensation.

The Forum takes note of the fact that sections within the OvaHerero, OvaMbanderu and Nama communities are dissatisfied with the way in which negotiations took place and the amount finally agreed upon between the two Government negotiating teams. However, some of those reactions and in particular the tonality used are neither acceptable nor helpful. We take particular exception to open as well as veiled threats against landowners and German-speaking Namibians.




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