German Government (2024-04-03): Statement by German Embassy on Ambassador’s visit to Shark Island memorial stone

German Ambassador Hutterer concentration camp memorial stone Shark Island Lüderitz Namibia
Statement by the German Embassy on the Ambassador’s visit to the Shark Island memorial stone

Original text of the German Embassy’s media release no. 09/2024 from 3 April 2024:

“In the last few days there has been misinformation spread on social media – in this case on X (prev. Twitter) – regarding Ambassador Dr. Thorsten Hutter’s recent visit to the town of Lüderitz.

Aside from meeting with key players of the coastal town, Ambassador Hutter visited Shark Island on 25th March 2024 and laid down a wreath in memory of those who perished in the concentration camp.

Ambassador Hutter paid tribute to the many men, women and children who had lost their lives on Shark Island during the colonial occupation by Germany in the early 1900’s.

This fact had been communicated previously on some of the Embassy’s Social Media Platforms.”



Editor’s note: On the social media platform X, the ambassador’s visit to Lüderitz was commented on with the remark that it would have been a good opportunity to visit the concentration camp memorial stone on Shark Island.

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