Häussler, Matthias (2021): The Herero Genocide

Book cover Matthias Häussler Herero Genocide Colonial Namibia

Häussler, Matthias: The Herero Genocide. War, Emotion, and Extreme Violence in Colonial Namibia, Oxford 2021 (Translated from the original German version 2018)

Description by the publisher, Berghahn Books, New York & Oxford:

“Drawing on previously inaccessible and overlooked archival sources, The Herero Genocide undertakes a groundbreaking investigation into the war between colonizer and colonized in what was formerly German South-West Africa and is today the nation of Namibia. In addition to its eye-opening depictions of the starvation, disease, mass captivity, and other atrocities suffered by the Herero, it reaches surprising conclusions about the nature of imperial dominion, showing how the colonial state’s genocidal posture arose from its own inherent weakness and military failures. The result is an indispensable account of a genocide that has been neglected for too long.”

Table of contents:

Preface viii
Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

Chapter 1
Settlers, Herero, and the Spiral of Violence 30

Chapter 2
The Strategic Horizon: Leutwein—Metropole—Trotha 76

Chapter 3
The Campaign 115

Chapter 4
Small Warfare and Brutalization 199

Chapter 5
From the Regime of the Camps to “Native Policy” 240

Conclusion 258

Bibliography 269
Index 291

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