Katjavivi, Peter (1988): A history of Resistance in Namibia

Book cover Peter Katjavivi 1988 A history of Resistance in Namibia

Katjavivi, Peter (1988): A history of Resistance in Namibia

Description by James Currey Publishers / Boydell and Brewer

“Documents resistance to the German conquest by the Herero and Nama peoples; the South African take-over under the League of Nations mandate; land, labour and community resistance from 1920-1960; the emergence of Nationalist organisations; appeals to the UN and the ICJ; the launching of SWAPO’s armed struggle, and nationalist responses to South Africa’s Bantustan policy.”

Published in association with the OAU and UNESCO. North America: Africa World Press, 1990

The edition of 1990 is available as a scan in PDF format for download on the website SAHistory.org.za.

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