2023 June 18 – The Namibian (Commentary): Germany and Namibia: A Mockery of Reconciliation and Justice

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Germany and Namibia: A Mockery of Reconciliation and Justice

Sima Luipert, Henning Melber and Jephta Uavavaera Nguherimo
18 June 2023

In 2015, Germany reluctantly and half-heartedly conceded that a genocide was committed between 1904 and 1908 in its former colony, South West Africa, albeit in denial of any legally valid consequences for the admission of guilt.

In May 2021, bilateral closed door negotiations with the Namibian government resulted in the initialling of a Joint Declaration.

It was dubbed a ‘reconciliation agreement’ in the German government’s coalition agreement of December 2021.


Unless both governments re-open negotiations in a process that is transparent and inclusive of all, giving voice and co-ownership to the descendants of those directly affected, true reconciliation remains a distant dream.

As it stands, the Joint Declaration is a betrayal of justice. It adds insult to injury. Shame on you, Germany, and shame on you, the Namibian government.”


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