2023 September 21 – The Namibian: Geingob criticised for ‘downplaying’Herero-Nama genocide

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“Geingob criticised for ‘downplaying’ Herero-Nama genocide


Donald Matthys

21 September 2023

President Hage Geingob’s recent statements comparing the severity of the apartheid era to the Herero-Nama genocide have ignited a wave of criticism.

Geingob made these remarks at a public lecture at the Paris Institute of Political Studies last week discussing reconciliation between Germany and Namibia.

He said the Herero-Nama genocide of 1904 to 1908 occurred many years ago, predating South Africa’s military occupation of Namibia in 1915.

The president’s stance on the matter was in response to enquiries about the status of a draft joint declaration between Namibia and Germany.

“Reconciliation of Germany and Namibia is there. We have diplomatic relations, we have peace. This genocide happened how many years ago. Over a hundred years ago.

“After that the South Africans took over. They were worse, and then Swapo started to fight to free the country,” Geingob said. (…)”


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