2020 June 12 – The Namibian: No Justice, No Peace A 2020 Anthem

Screenshot The Namibian Black Lives Matter BLM decolonisation racism racist landmarks Windhoek Namibia

No Justice, No Peace A 2020 Anthem

The Namibian
12 June 2020

For centuries racism has been the primary tool for the enslavement and colonisation of nations, used to divide and control people of colour.

Almost three weeks ago, the world erupted when an unarmed man, George Floyd, was killed by police officers in Minneapolis, in the United States. His death triggered a wave of radical anti-racism responses across the globe with #BlackLivesMatter leading the revolution.

Namibia, a country with a sinister history of genocide, colonisation and apartheid, has also joined the movement by confronting racism in public spaces and calling for the removal of racist landmarks.

Social activist, photographer and journalist Hildegard Titus earlier this week started an online petition calling for the removal of the statue of German Schutztruppe officer Curt von François from the corner of Sam Nujoma Drive and Independence Avenue in Windhoek. (…)”


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