2024 July 01 – The Namibian: ‘Uncapped’ N$21,4b genocide deal negotiated

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“‘Uncapped’ N$21,4b genocide deal negotiated

By Shelleygan Petersen and Charmaine Ngatjiheue

1 July 2024

… as negotiators push for deal conclusion

Germany’s genocide deal with Namibia will be an “uncapped” €1,1 billion (or N$21,4 billion), says Namibia’s negotiators.

Negotiating team member Seth Nowaseb on Friday told The Namibian the deal aims to mimic €1,2 billion reparations paid to Holocaust survivors.

“We have agreed with Germany that once that €1,1 billion is used up, there are additional funds that are going to be provided, that are not capped at the moment. “Other people have also taken one lump sum and over 30, 40 years they have gotten additional money and that kept on being negotiated.”

Nowaseb said Israel was an example of a deal which began at about €1,1 billion and has ended up at about €70 billion.




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