Non-fiction Books & Articles

Non-fiction Books and Articles on Namibia’s Past, Colonial History and Dialogue

Here you will find books and articles that do not fulfil academic requirements, for example because the authors are not academics or do not adhere to strict citation rules or do not include a comprehensive bibliography. Non-fiction books and articles are primarily aimed at the general public and/or have an educational purpose. They are usually based on facts and findings from secondary sources and often have a greater impact on the dialogue than those due to their simpler language and higher circulation.

However, it should be borne in mind that books and articles in this category are often even more strongly characterised by the perspective of the author or editor than is the case with secondary sources, which have to take academic discourse into account.

This list is a work in progress. You are welcome to suggest additions. Please include the author(s) and title of the document and where it can be found – preferably by providing a link.

We will need some time to review your suggestion. If it does not meet our criteria or guidelines, it will not be published.

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