OTA and NTLA (2021-05-16): Joint Statement on the Joint Declaration of Germany and Namibia

Screenshot Ovaherero Traditional Authorities OTA Nama Traditional Leaders Association NTLA Joint Statement Joint Declaration Germany Namibia 16 May 2021

16.5.2021 | Joint Press Statement by the Ovaherero Traditional Authorities (OTA) and Nama Traditional Leaders Association (NTLA)

1. It is clear that Germany has once again, bamboozled the Namibian government into a meaningless and sell-out agreement. It is a monumental shame and a shocking betrayal of trust that a descendent of the Victim Communities, is the one who initialed such an agreement which makes a mockery of the three negotiating Pillars that the SWAPO Government set for itself, namely:

A: that Germany must acknowledge that the mass killings of our ancestors constitute genocide;

B: that Germany must apologize for that genocide;

C: that Germany must pay Reparations for the genocide.


In their Joint Press Statement of 16 May 2021, OTA and NTLA strongly reject the Joint Declaration of Germany and Namibia, which was initialled by the special envoys of the Governments of Germany and Namibia, Ruprecht Polenz and Zedekia Ngavirue, on 15 May 2021.


  • Full Joint Press Statement of the OTA and NTLA from 16 May 2021 on the website Genocide-Namibia.net (checked in November 2023) of the Kampagnenbündnis “Völkermord verjährt nicht!” (campaign alliance “No amnesty on genocide!”)

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