Wietersheim, Erika von (2021): This is my land! Motions and emotions around land reform in Namibia

Book cover Erika von Wietersheim 2021 This is my land

Wietersheim, Erika von: This is my land! Motions and emotions around land reform in Namibia, Windhoek 2021 – Second extended edition.

Text on the website of the publisher Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Namibia (checked in January 2024):

“Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Namibia (FES) in partnership with Erika von Wietersheim virtually launched the publication “This Land is my Land – motions and emotions around land reform in Namibia” on 8 July 2021. The launched publication is the 2nd updated edition on land matters.

The publication comprises interviews with and stories about Namibian commercial farmers, Affirmative Action farmers, resettled farmers and farmworkers as well as interviews with church leaders, politicians and representatives of farmers’ unions, providing perspectives on the land issue from the inside.

The book also contains updated information on the land situation today and in the past, the different instruments of land reform since 1990 and achievements so far, including figures and statistics, and about the two land conferences and their outcomes.

The author, Erika von Wietersheim, who introduced the book to members of the press, confirmed that she wrote the book to analyze the land question and situation from the inside by travelling across the country to affected groups, to speak to them and see how their daily lives are shaped by the issue of land reform.”


Available as PDF for download; source: website of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Namibia (checked in January 2024).

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