2024 May 28 – Windhoek Observer: Cabinet declares 28 May as Genocide Remembrance Day

Windhoek Observer report proclamation 28 May Genocide Remembrance Day Namibia

“Cabinet declares 28 May as Genocide Remembrance Day

Martin Endjala

The Cabinet has declared 28 May a Genocide Remembrance Day, effective in 2025, and endorsed it as a public holiday.

The information, communication, and technology minister, Emma Theofelus, made the announcement on Tuesday [28 May; ed.].

“Cabinet directs the Ministry of Justice to draft a proclamation as required under Section 1(3) of the Public Holidays Act, 1990 (Act No. 26 of 1990) to be certified by the Attorney-General for consideration and signature of the President in order to coincide with the public announcement of Genocide Remembrance Day on 28 May 2024,” she said.

Theofelus stated that the Cabinet also instructed the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture to utilize Genocide Remembrance Day as a unifying element and pinpoint key locations for monument construction, in collaboration with the Technical Committee on Genocide, Apology, and Reparations (GAR) of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation.


“The origins of this important commemoration can be traced back to the 2006 motion for genocide negotiations tabled by the late Dr. Kuaima Riruako in the National Assembly. Further, the motion to establish a dedicated Remembrance Day was moved by [Usutuaije] Maamberua. In both cases, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Members of Parliament for their bold and bipartisan approach to addressing this critical issue,” said [the speaker of the National Assembly, Peter] Katjavivi.”



Editor’s note: On 28 May 1908 the commander of the colonial German Schutztruppe, Ludwig von Estorff, ordered the formal closure of all concentration camps in then German South West Africa.

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